R&D Manager. Berkshire Precision Tool, LLC. P...

R&D Manager.
Berkshire Precision Tool, LLC.
Pittsfield, MA.
Maintain co.
position of technological & product leadership within solid carbide, round tool industry.
maintain & solidify leadership position & identify & capitalize on adjacent product areas in round tool market where Data Flute product can build & maintain leadership position.
Identify, formulate, test & commercialize new products.
Work with sales force, engineering personnel & customers developing new & improved application specific, solid carbide round tools.
Conduct in-house testing.
Supervise Technician; domestic or int'l travel 4-6 times per yr.
for 2-3 days.
Need 2 yrs.
in R&D, Tooling Eng'ring, Mfg.
Eng'ring or Field Sales Eng'ring where majority of time was using & deploying industrial cutting tools, with particular emphasis on solid round tools.
Need 2 yrs.
with CAD/CAM software.
can be gained concurrently.
Need MS (or foreign equiv.
) in Metallurgy, Mechanical Eng'ring, Materials Eng'ring or related field.
to apply, email:

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